Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today we begin a journey that will take us to many different topics. Somewhere between Glen Beck and The Huffington Post is where most of America lives. The “experts” have declared the recession “over”. The technical signs, the Stock Markets, and the Theorists have all stated the recession has past us. We are in recovery, hurrah? Not so fast, persistent high unemployment, small businesses closing and those staying open not hiring new employees. It’s going to get better you know. There is help on the way. There will be a new Congress in January. Except long term unemployment benefits run out November 30, 2010. Help! No, Democrats have no incentive to do anything they lost control, the Republicans have no incentive to act, they won’t be in control until January. Compromise, maybe but each side wants their part, more unemployment, tax breaks all, tax breaks for the middle class, no tax breaks.

I have become very, for lack of a better word, cynical. The new health care bill passes, good for all, especially as Bill Maher brings up when he questions people on his show; children with pre-existing conditions with no health care. My experience, increased premiums, (nearly 42%) decreased services and limited choices of providers for my family including my children with or without pre-existing conditions.
Let me be clear, this blog is not meant to be from the left or from the right, but down the middle. It is personal, based on true life experiences and education that allows me to view the world from a unique perspective that will sometimes shock the readers and sometimes have you saying I don’t believe that. Rest assured there will be proof that everything, every event and claim will be substantiated by examples and facts from my life.
About the name of the blog, The Other Serpico, I’m not the Serpico the movie was about but I was a New York City Transit Police officer, retired on a disability. By the way I don’t look like Al Pacino either. I’m not the TV actor Serpico, but I have appeared before audiences both large and small as a lecturer and speaker. I’m not the attorney from Brooklyn, or the Labor leader, but I was an attorney practicing in Brooklyn and Queens and I represented labor union members. So you see whichever Serpico you know, unless you know me personally, I’m the Other Serpico, not the one you know. So stay with me and we will go places you thought you knew but not this way.
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