Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You want your own business. You are tired of proving to other strangers that you are a competent good knowledgeable worker and should not be at the beck and call of another mortal. You just want to earn a decent wage and be taken seriously by others and earn proudly your money. Well, if you want that, It looks like you have to go to China. Literally!
For the most part China is a one way street. Yes, they lend us money, we pay the loans back and we buy practically everything we want from them because it really is made in China. But there is one part of America that the Chinese people really want from America and you can go there and sell and be very rich in a short time. Baby stuff!
Remember that this year is the “Year of the Dragon.” Since ancient times Chinese people have believed that babies born in the Year of the Dragon were destined for success. China’s family planning laws limit most couples to just one child. So, many are hurrying to have their own child. NOW
In an average year, 16 Million babies are born in China; enough to fill two New York Cities. Now maternity wards are even more crowded than before since the number of newborns this year has risen 5% in 2012. The Chinese baby care industry has already grown about 20% each year with the added boost from the rush for the Chinese people to reproduce.
Trusted American brands dominate the market. You will see Gerber baby foods with labels in English and Mandarin. That is due to the loyalty of the new parents there. The new young parents will spend for the most expensive and trusted products for their only child. Things like Huggies diapers and learning to walk with Fischer Price toys and essentials.
China has food contamination scandals all the time and the young parents have given up on the unregulated food industry. They trust American made products. Tainted Chinese milk powder killed 6 infants back in 2008 sickening 300,000 of their babies. So, now safety is the driving force from parents seeking the trusted American products.
One American success story is an American from San Francisco, Larry Comb. In 1999, he noticed there was a hole in the Chinese market for American staples like strollers and educational toys. Now he owns a chain of 200 baby care stores in China. He notices that the market calls for about 300 stores in each city. There is a shortage of American baby product stores in China.
The effects of this year’s baby boom will last for years to come. China’s little dragons will grow up and the parents of these children will have the need for more safe American products especially because there are 31 births a minute in China. So, like the settlers who settled in the wild west, pack your bags and move to China.
There you will be respected and thanked for each American product you take out of a box and are the proud American making all the money you want and where you are the boss.

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