Friday, March 2, 2012

She plans to release a new boyfriend every year and because of it is becoming very wealthy along the way. She is Kate Walsh an actress on a TV drama in which we’ve seen her now for 7 straight years. She plays a romantically challenged doctor Addison Mc Gomphrey now on a show called Private Practice where her Irish and Italian heritage shines brightly. She is hot and might as well be wearing stilettos in the operating room.
Her success first started when her character Addison appeared on the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Then she got her own spin off series called Private Practice where she earned a People’s Choice nomination last year. Her courage from acting has given her the ability to start her own company and her latest passion is quite different fro m acting.
It is a perfume company based on the scent of a old boyfriend she couldn’t get out of her mind and sense of smell. Yes, we can remember a lot of things about the people we have loved and sometimes it is their smell that we can’t forget; for some online lovers, you wish you knew the scent of your woman or man. Kate ‘s passion was a desire to recreate his scent that lingered on a shirt and on a pillow case.
Here she is five years later of testing and designing and perfecting the scent and now the fragrance is called “Boyfriend.” A men’s fragrance. Kate says the remembrance is now to spray it, have it linger for a while and remember that there is a little bit of him in there, just enough, not enough to be annoying just enough to say, “Nice to see you , now ,Get out!” She is now laughing all the way to the bank. “Boyfriend” sold out in it’s first day on the Home Shopping Network.
She is only advertising on web commercials that she also produced herself. Being so convinced of her business model that she is already branching out by recently releasing a second fragrance called “Billionaire Boyfriend.” Does she think the average guy can compete with the expectations she is having women desire being put out there? Give the average guy a break!
The advertisements show her diving enticing us with here red hair and green eyes into an ocean and coming up with a bottle of this stuff with a voice saying, “Some women will go to any depths for their man!” Kate has no partners and has invested in this company with a lot of her acting money. She is proud to call it her own thing.
Born in San Jose, California and raised in Tucson, Arizona, her first experience with earning money at age 14 was working at fast food chains. She considers herself fast food royalty. Her parents divorced when she was just 6 years old and she spent a lot of time moving from city to city. She started in theater in Chicago and off-Broadway in New York. Her first TV appearance was on the old Drew Carey Show.
Now at age 44 she calls herself a late bloomer but is still not satisfied. She is thinking of, “Dead Beat Boyfriend” or “Broke Ass Boyfriend.” In fact she plans to be releasing a new kind of “Boyfriend” every Valentines Day. Great! So, now the guys could be anticipating something every Valentines Day that they probably are not expecting. Kate has no plans on stopping any time soon unless she runs out of money or boyfriends. She already has three other “Boyfriend” versions in the working process.
Wherever her boyfriends take her, there is nothing hotter than a hot actress who takes her fame to the next level. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first actresses to do it with her White Diamonds fragrance that is earning revenues even after her death. There is nothing better for a boyfriend to have a girlfriend that is ambitious and even makes a fragrance about you.

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